Be Rock and Dragon and Lightning Bolt

Feel the flame in your gut. Feel that which yearns for life. Let your passion bird sing. Say yes. Not once, but a thousand times. Let the fire consume all your fears, let your frightening dreams burn to ashes. See your true face in the blaze. Stop worshiping ashes, stop the illusions of a sleeping world. Follow the bird in its magical flight. Be rock and dragon and lightning bolt.

Be lightning bolt. Let your truth go before you like a pack of bison, dignified and plain, with horns raised like proud signs. Don’t speak words like dead letters – they fall like newspaper clippings on dusty floors. Speak words like bright red finches, like nightingales in flawless singing. Color the horizon deep red with nightingale song. Draw a fan of bright colors across the roof of the world.

Be rock, let down the lashing gusts, they will destroy many roofs. You yourself are connected to the earth, which holds you with her clodded fists, the earth that runs through the flames like a roaring bear – smoke curls up from her nostrils, she hits tree trunks with her flaming tail. You will dance with the bear in dark forests, where sparks rain between branches.

Be a dragon and ride the roofs of the world, the roofs that point to the sky like clown noses, shake the world from its sleep, sing a song in children’s windows. Pull the plug from fear, hang many luminous lanterns that point a way across the mountains, where dragons teach people pure humanity. They learn to speak with flaming tongues like mad schoolmasters.

Be rock and dragon and thunderbolt. Follow Lilith’s example. Choose freedom over obedience, cherish your values ​​as cubs, let your passion fill the steppes like gazelles. Break through walls, throw caution to the wind. Press tracks into roads, bathe in blood and be endlessly reborn. Learn the wisdom of owls, follow the serpent to its most hidden hideout. Dance in pools. Laugh. Scream. Hiss.

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