Welcome to the new world

Come home. The window is open. Spring flowers have broken through the tiles on the kitchen floor. The lawn stretches its green arms towards the morning, which smiles at the world like a frail bride. Outside, flower beds lie in the spring sun like lush bodies, while the thrushes’ song brings new courage into the world. Forget the dark symphony of the evening and the armored laws, forget the blue mare of fear.

Come home. On the green fields where cheering children chase after a ball. Their cries bounce off rowanberries and mulberry trees. Happy dogs lick outstretched hands. Birds lay their song into the air like money on a table. A dripping sun hangs in the sky, its candle wax gushing down into the bowls of the earth. Children climb from trees with hives full of honey. Animals slip out of burrows with their tails full of sand.

Come home. The sky flutters like a radiant sheet in the mild spring wind. The hills glisten like a horse’s muscular neck. Flowers wave hand in hand like a classroom full of children, children laugh happily like a garden full of flowers. And behind the hills, like a defeated giant, the old world sinks to its knees raging and ranting, its hands clench into fists, but they crumble into drifting dust and sand.

Behind the hills lies the old world, like an abandoned factory site. Weeds grow between the railway sleepers, smoldering machines yawn at bright white clouds. Lights flash like slot machines in abandoned cafes, forklift trucks look at you through broken windows. The old world is no longer functioning, its machinery has come to a jerking halt. The last load is lifted into wagons, but the driver is blowing his pan flute.

Don’t be depressed when you see the old world. She is struggling and perishing (like a capsizing ship in the waves – her mast is sinking furiously). Come home to the new world, whose building blocks you hold in your hands. The world is a mirror, the world is a dream. Your eyes become channels of light, your heart a pipeline of love. Don’t wait for the new world, the new world is waiting for you.