There is a hand that moves

There is a hand that moves. She feels other hands around her, she feels the connective energy, she feels it and she expresses it. Her fingers move and extend to the others, and at that moment sunbeams are activated, orbits of light go from one heart to the other. There is a force that moves through all of humanity, a force that cannot be stopped, that cannot be captured in laws or regulations.

There is a hand that moves, fingertips that approach each other – then pause. Argus eyes watch from all sides, blue witnesses to this cosmic spectacle. It is a cosmic spectacle, because two hearts are opening to each other, there is a stream that cannot be tamed, there is a song that cannot be muffled, there is a light in which distances do not exist, they simply do not exist, we stand together in that radiant light.

There is a heart that moves, that vibrates and wants to give joy, that wants to flow into the world. There is a heart that beats with excitement and happiness. This heart is decorated with colorful garlands, this heart makes it rain flowers everywhere it resides. And it resides everywhere, because there is no separation and there is no distance, the sunbeams always touch the earth, the sunbeams always break through the shadows. The shadows are powerless.

There is a hand that moves, is whistled back, but the impact of her magic fingers has already changed the world. The world is ablaze like a blooming paradise. Uniforms lie in the grass, whistles lie in the grass, and a train that has the face of a child chugs past. Strings of smoke reach the sky, in which the large face of a child shines; the large smiling face of a child that disarms the earth, with a smile like a sunbeam.

There is a child who walks through the world. She has no weapons in her hands, but she is more powerful than any tall towers, more powerful than any sticks. You can fine her, you can lock her up, but she will always smile at you. She will anger you with her freedom, but she wants your freedom as much as hers, in fact, she came here to proclaim it. There is no way to freedom. Freedom is the way.