This One Life in so many forms

There is this life in us. It sees through our eyes. It breathes through our noses and mouths. It walks on this earth as a human being. There is this life in us. It stares at the same sky through billions of eyes. It sees itself being born in every shoot, in every sprouting blade of grass, it hangs in the sky like the sun, and as the Earth it catches the rays it emits itself, it witnesses every breath, every twinkle.

There is this life that spreads like a peacock’s tail. There is this life that pours out like wine into thirsty throats. It’s the pourer and the drink itself. It’s the throat that opens wide. It’s the smile on the drunk’s face. It’s the table and the chairs and the creaking of the door when you leave the cafe. It’s the dewy flowers, the moonlight shining on the roofs. The torn garbage bags waiting for the first cats.

There is this life that plunges into rubbish bins like cats. It’s the worms in the grass. It’s decay and rot on rubbish dumps. It’s the woodpeckers with blood-red beaks. It’s wood mite in old workbenches. It’s thistles and iguanas. It’s ditches full of old carcasses. It’s gulping swamps. It’s culms that sway in shallow streams. It is the floral tablecloth and the crocheted curtains on the windows.

There is this one life that walks the earth, this one life that paints itself in countless millions of colors, the painter is invisible, but you don’t have to look far for the artist’s hand, because smiling water flows from all holes and corners. Life is a waterfall, it’s a trap that catches itself and renews itself. It’s the mountainside and the trees and the shiny flowers along the waterfront.

There is this life that unfolds like a napkin and wipes the mouths of little children and elderly people, there is this life that blows through the fields like a May wind and sheds its own skin like a snake. There is this life squatting in the grass, building nests and leaving fortresses behind. There is this life, this endlessly multicolored, renewing life, staring anonymously behind the scenes at a blank page.