Seeds in the Sunlight

When was the last time you held a blow flower in your hands? That you filled your cheeks with air, feeling the rough stem between your fingers? When was the last time your breath was the wind that tore the seeds and sent them on a journey? You saw how they moved in the light of the afternoon sun, then peacefully landed on the ground hanging from their parachutes.

Nature presents this image to us, so that we can see our own natural course of life reflected in it. As long as we are children, there is the stem that holds us like a friendly parent. One day we loosen and find our own unique way in the sunlight. Then the quiet decline of old age sets in, until death takes us up in its soft earth. This is how it goes and always will.

But maybe the dandelion has more to tell us. Perhaps the many seeds are also symbolic of the many thoughts that grow on the stem of our minds, some of which are fertile, deserving to land in the earth (grow into deeds), others are worries or daydreams, floating away in ditches. Isn’t meditation sending your attention over all these thoughts like a wind?

But most of all: blowing away dandelion fluff reminds us of how ridiculously simple life is. We just need to use our breath. We can learn to let go of all heaviness and welcome light-heartedness as our true nature. Life is above all looking very carefully. Seeing how each seed describes a unique orbit in the sunlight, seeing how calmly and peacefully it descends to the Earth. There is no wildness and no resistance.

When was the last time you held a blow flower in your hands? Go outside. Walk until you find a blow flower. Pick one that is overripe. It has been waiting for your hand. The seeds are ready to go on an unforgettable journey on your breath. Then think of your own life. How it is a seed. How it always returns to the Earth. An endless cycle. Fill your cheeks as far as you can. Then blow.