The Fire Bird

Suddenly the firebird was on the window sill. A huge animal, with a body so large that it filled the whole window frame. The proud feathers formed a colorful splendor together. I saw the firebird and knew that the animal, even if it was silent, told nothing but the truth. I knew the firebird would never disappear, once it was there in the window frame.

I also knew that the firebird was incontrovertible proof, only of what – no one could say, but it didn’t matter. To me, the firebird was proof. That’s why I approached it, because I wanted to get to know the firebird. “I want to discover your colors one by one,” I said. “One by one won’t work,” the firebird sang. “I am who I am.”

Then I took another step toward the animal, and when I did, the firebird unfolded both its wings. The insides of the wings were imprinted with wonderful characters that I tried to read as best I could, and reading them brought me to a delirious joy, in which I cried: “From what world have you flown here onto my window sill?”

The firebird sang, “Flown in? I’ve been here all this time, but you, where are you from, that you haven’t seen me all this time, despite my bright colors? “. I thought for a moment and said, “I simply overlooked you. I don’t know how that is possible, but now that I’ve seen your colors, I have no desire but to enjoy your beauty.”

The moment I said that, all the colors of the firebird had disappeared, the feathers turned to an ashen gray. “Become me,” said the firebird, “to remind you of that is the only reason I’ve been here all this time. Find your own colors and sing your own song. And then sit here without hesitation. The window frame is as wide as your life.”