The Golden Inheritance

We stare at the world as we do at ripples in the water. Some of the old ripples have disappeared, been reabsorbed into the current, while other ripples are visible today, they are noticeable, forming large expanding circles in the water. There are fingers that are pointing, there are hands that are describing the ripples, and there are grebes that disappear below the surface of the water to see the world underneath the ripples.

Are we willing to look beyond the world of newspapers and news facts? The world is showing us the ripples, but our being craves more depth. There is so much more than our physical eyes can see. We don’t have to look at the world through a stuffy skylight, we can choose our own window. Underwater the world is so much wider, underwater there are fish with brightly colored fins.

We can take the plunge. The coronavirus is like the lifeguard who chases us all into the water. Those who cannot swim must learn to swim. In the end we will all get wet. We didn’t come here to stay on our sunbeds and endlessly turn our bodies from side to side. We came here because we belong in the water. We came here to learn to dive.

There are many teachers to show us how. In the end, diving is a matter of dropping yourself. We just need to spread our arms and have faith in our ability to jump. Once underwater, worlds beyond our imagination immediately open up. Underwater there are no bare pool floors, but sunken cities waiting for our return. The king awaits us with golden crowns.

We can try to calm the ripples of our mind, but we can also dive deeper and experience that they are just ripples. We can stare at the world and see it crumble, but we can also experience that we are citizens of another world. A world that is deeply embedded in us and that invites us. The golden gates are already open. When will we permanently claim our golden inheritance?