Buddha’s Flower Shop

Where’s the way out of this crisis? We will only find it if we dare to go inwards. I don’t mean following the directive to stay in our houses, but to actually make contact with our inner self. It is our inner self that has caused this situation, we are responsible for what is happening now. This is not a nice message, but only when we take this responsibility we will start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

This virus is related to human actions, has spread because of the way we live and frightens us every day because of the way we communicate. That says everything about how we are living. How we live is related to our choices, which are related to our beliefs, which stem directly from our thinking. This world stems from our thinking.

We can learn to think differently. We can look at the world with more compassion. We are not here to satisfy our needs and then step out the door like waddling ducks. The innkeeper must close his doors before evening: nothing remains but bones and empty jars. Every thought is an act of creation. With every thought we write words that determine the future of the world.

We don’t have to feel like victims of cruel Fate, and we certainly haven’t been punished by the wrath of any god. But every age has its signs, and it is up to us to understand the signs of our time. There is nothing that opens a man’s eyes as well as heartbreaking sorrow. It’s the lonely coughing in care homes, it’s being attached to ventilators in hospitals all over the world, it’s breathing a last breath without family or loved ones.

The corona crisis wants to make us more human. The virus wants to be the priest at our spiritual birth. The crisis wants to make us new people. People who feel part of the earth on which they live. People who perceive happiness in a single flower, like the Buddha once preached without using words. He only held up a flower for several minutes. Buddha’s flower shop is open every day.