Our Soap Bubble World

The world as we know it has changed forever. Our old life will not return. It has burst like a bubble right in our face. But the world that has disappeared was our own fabrication. We created it with our own thoughts, we built it with our own hands. What will we do now that this house of cards has collapsed before our eyes? Repairs and restoration? Or do we dare to dream of a new world?

We may mourn our loss, like children playing on the beach after one wave has wiped out the work of many hours. We may flee as the sky suddenly changes color. Parasols are blown over and limp on the beach like invalids. From the beach cafe we see how a cruel sea breeze overpowers the beach and puts a scourge on the sandy surface. Coffee and hot chocolate keep us warm behind the windows.

But the old world is no longer. It exists only in our thoughts, which are replaceable. Just as the world is replaceable, it has been created and can be recreated, with new thoughts, our hands following the path of our dreams. But what are our dreams? Do we even know? Will we actually dare to dream? Or is our focus on doing as many repairs as possible, like a plumber fixing the gutter after the storm?

The future is up to us. The old is no longer, a new world beckons. Whatever we choose, the new world will be an expression of our innermost thoughts. The quality of those thoughts will determine the quality of the world in which we’ll live. If we collectively decide that we are going back to the Middle Ages, because ‘everything is getting worse’, then I decry: welcome back, Middle Ages! We have called you back!

Maybe you know those old paintings in which children blow soap bubbles? They tell us the world is transitory (Sic transit gloria mundi). We have just witnessed one such bubble burst. What would a child do? Complain about the disaster? No. Blow a new bubble, and make it even more beautiful than all the bubbles that came before. If a sunbeam touches it, there are so many glittering colors!

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