Radical Easter

Today can be the day of our resurrection. We don’t have to lie in the burial chamber of fear. We no longer need to allow the world to crucify us. We no longer have to judge ourselves and spit ourselves in the face, we no longer have to go up the lonely mountain with guilt and self-reproach like beams on our shoulders. We no longer need to be the Roman soldier driving a spear between bruised ribs.

Today is the day of radical change. We are allowed to leave everything that is dead in the grave, angels will collect everything that is old and no longer serves us as a moving crew, there will be marble columns that we clung to, statues we made and adorned with wreaths of flowers, there will be empty jars we brought to our lips, until we found the rich spring under our feet.

Today is the day to break with old habits clinging to us like toads, with old words poisoning our windpipe like plumes of smoke. New words await in the field, new thoughts appear as duckweed in sunlit ditches. The world will open up like a baby room. There is a top that has to be spun, there is a sun that has to be swung.

Today we will stand like wanderers in front of walls, but the wall will no longer stop us. We will experience that the stones are of our own making, that we do not need demolition hammers, because doors have opened within ourselves, like the stone in front of the grave suddenly rolled away – a light breeze took it and placed it on a high mountain, where a thousand elephants will never be able to move it.

Today we will experience that Easter is inside us, because every life is inside us and every desire is born within ourselves. When we crawl out on all fours and stretch our stiff limbs in the sunlight, we will see the earth tearing open everywhere and wildflowers spring all around. A cautious spring sun will prick our eyes, which through tears will see a world reborn.

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